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Vion announces strategic transformations 

on, a Dutch-German food company, will implement several changes to align operations to market developments and get ready for its sustainable growth strategy. 

Boxtel, June 7, 2023. The first change involves the establishment of two country units, Germany and Benelux, to oversee livestock purchase, site operations (slaughtering, deboning, processing, packaging), and meat sales. This move aims to enhance efficiency and foster closer connections between farmers and customers within the home markets. 

To lead these transformations, a new Executive Committee structure has been formed. With Ronald Lotgerink as CEO and Tjarda Klimp as Chief Financial Officer, the team further includes Philippe Thomas, leading Germany, Leon Cuypers, leading Benelux, Simon Morris, leading Food Service (cross-country), Mattijn Bak as Chief Transformation Officer and Binne Visser as Chief Human Resources Officer.  

Freek van den Eijnden will be responsible for the new Ingredients unit and also build up the new Science and Sustainability (CSSO) function. By valorising all parts of the animal with the help of the Ingredients unit, Vion demonstrates its commitment to responsible production. With even more focus on innovation and sustainability, the company emphases its strategic goal of becoming a number one sustainable meat company in Europe.  

David De Camp, the current COO Beef, has decided not to assume a role in the new organisation. He will stay COO Beef until end of September 2023 and will support strategic projects during the upcoming period. 

 Vion is confident that these strategic changes will drive sustainable growth, accelerate Vion’s chain strategy, foster innovation, and strengthen the company’s leading position in the European food industry. The planned changes are subject for discussion with the company’s works councils and will be detailed out during the upcoming months. Vion intends to implement the changes starting with Q4 2023.