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Dr Veronika Weber is the new Director Quality Assurance Vion Germany

Since 1 June 2023, veterinarian Dr Veronika Weber has been responsible for food safety, animal welfare and consumer protection at all German Vion Food Group sites. Dr Weber has been working for the international food group with headquarters in the Netherlands for seven years. She started as a trainee in central quality management and has been Group Quality Manager since 2018.

Buchloe, 15 June 2023. At the beginning of this month, Vion handed over the management of Vion Quality Assurance Germany to new hands. Dr Veronika Weber succeeds Dr Anne Hiller, who has held the same position at Vion since 2017 and is leaving the company at her own request. By studying veterinary medicine at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Veronika Weber came surprisingly close to her childhood dream of opening an equine or small animal practice one day. But already during her academic career – even before her doctorate at the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover – she decided to help animals in a different way. The idea solidified after a slaughterhouse internship at Vion in Waldkraiburg. This was followed by a practical phase at Texas A&M University in the USA and in Vion quality management.

Following her studies, Dr Weber successfully completed an 18-month trainee programme in central quality management at Vion, where she was appointed Group Quality Manager in 2018. “My personal credo is that you can only produce animal-based food with the utmost respect for the animal. Combining this with the concerns of management, profitability as well as consumer protection is a personal challenge that I am happy to dedicate myself to as Director Quality Assurance Vion Germany,” Dr Weber describes her motivation.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to fill this key position in the company from within our own ranks. Veronika has done an outstanding job during her time with us. We are convinced that she will also successfully fulfil the new task due to her expertise, commitment and motivation,” Bert Urlings, Group Director Quality Assurance┬áVion Food Group, underpins the decision.