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DistriFresh further expands electric fleet and takes next step towards CO₂-neutral transport

DistriFresh, logistics subsidiary of Vion, has taken its first electric truck (E-truck) into service, taking the next step in making its logistics processes more sustainable. The E-truck is deployed in combination with an electric refrigerated trailer (E-cooler) on one of the regular shop distribution routes in the Netherlands. From now on, the supermarkets on this route will be supplied 100% emission-free six days a week.

Vion’s climate ambition is to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions to the absolute minimum (which we call net zero). The investment in electrifying the fleet contributes to this.

Next step towards CO2-neutral transport
As a logistics service provider, DistriFresh works continuously to reduce its CO2 footprint. The fleet is being renewed with more efficient and CO2-neutral trucks. Since its introduction in 2019, DistriFresh has already replaced 20 regular refrigerated trailers with E-coolers. This is now followed by the first E-truck. This ensures 100% emission-free transport. With the deployment of this electric combination, DistriFresh, in collaboration with partner Trans-Imex, is anticipating developments regarding future emission-free deliveries in cities.

Advantages E-truck and E-trailer
The E-truck and E-trailer are fully electrically powered and offer several advantages. They drive emission-free which means they emit no CO2, soot and particulate matter. In addition, the E-truck and E-trailer have a very low noise level of less than 56 decibels. To ensure safety, special noise sources have been developed on the E-truck to alert cyclists and pedestrians.

Furthermore, its deployment for retail distribution has a positive effect on its range of as much as 350 kilometers due to its lightweight consumer packaging. This results in smooth delivery of fresh and frozen products. The E-truck’s 540-kWh battery recharges from 0% to 100% in two hours. While driving, the E-cooler is automatically charged by recovered braking energy.

The new E-truck is the next step towards a more sustainable logistics process. In addition, the next 15 to 20 regular refrigerated trailers will be replaced with E-coolers this autumn.